A smart suite of portfolio management applications for you and your clients

Here is how it works.

A sharp analysis

Some finance guys might conjure profiles out of thin air. Birdee is far more professional than that, thank goodness. We’ve been developing Birdee’s profiling tool for years and the result is pinpoint precision. Our unique cross-analysis methodology determines an investor’s exact risk profile and translates it into tailored advice and customised portfolios.

Rebalancing your workload

Portfolios under management are automatically rebalanced and optimized at regular intervals. It is done by taking into account a wide range of parameters, including fees, market conditions and client inputs. Birdee saves you time and allows you to refocus on your core business.

Smart interface

Not only does Birdee have superior functionality, it also has an engaging and intuitive user interfaces, making it easy and smooth to use. It allows your clients to have a direct and transparent access to their information, without non-sense jargon.

Easy & clear monitoring reports

The Birdee solution is a tailor-made service offered to your clients and yourself. Your clients will enjoy a clean dashboard that tracks real-time portfolio performance, available 24/7 on any device.

As a financial institution, you will be able to follow the performance with your customer, in order to advise him in the best way and strengthen your relationship with him.

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