Groundbreaking tools from the latest technologies

Tested, approved and continuously improved.

Tried, tested and scientifically approved

Birdee beneficiates from Gambit Financial Solutions’ experience in the development of algorithms for portfolio optimization, performance and risk analysis. Those algorithms have been successfully implemented in several financial institutions in Europe, and are continuously fine-tuned. This expertise is consolidated by Birdee in a digital solution for all financial institutions that have at heart to improve their clients’ experience.

An exclusive financial seismograph

Birdee includes a crisis detection radar called Seismograph that was developed by eminent scientists. If financial trouble is brewing for the market, this exclusive tool gives you time to act and avoid exposure to heavy loss for your clients.

Regulation navigation as standard.

Legal regulations and their recurrent updates have become a real headache for financial institutions. To help you deal with them, we created and automatic alert system. It warns you immediately in case any of the portfolio under management deviates from the effective regulations, helping you to improve your work efficiency.

Quick and adaptive software integration

Birdee comes as a complete, ready-to-use package, easily integrated with your existing systems. You could be up and running within days. And once you’ve got Birdee we think you’ll be hooked, so we’ve designed the software to adapt to your business as it evolves.