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Date de publication : 03/12/15

Auteur : Charles-Louis Machuron

Fintech Startup Birdee Offers New Smart Suite Of Portfolio Management Applications

Birdee is an investment management company offering an online discretionary portfolio service for Mass Affluent investors. Through a combination of algorithms, it lets investors choose a portfolio, created by its experts, that best meets their expectations and risk profiles, and that, in function of these, is constantly optimized in order to provide the best return. This new Fintech startup has just been launched by Gambit Financial Solution. We asked Co-founder and CEO Geoffroy de Schrevel to give us more details about this smart suite of portfolio management applications.

What is the purpose of your startup Birdee?

For everything we do at Birdee, we want to make money a better support for what comes next. We want to reconnect people with that money they rightly own, but which they somehow lose track of, due to the lack of transparency of the current financial system.

That’s why Birdee presents today a product that is not offered today by financial institutions, a product that actually fills the gap between a saving account and actively managed funds. Indeed, thanks to our proven algorithms, our expertise in portfolio management, and the use of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), we’re now able to match the best of both world: the simplicity and cash availability of a saving account and the performance of the best portfolio managers.

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