About us

Experts in financial technology for humans

In 2007, several scientists of HEC-Universite de Liege got together and created Gambit Financial Solutions. The vision of the young company was very simple, yet highly disruptive: to put customers at the heart of investment advice.

After three years of R&D, Gambit started to provide to several European financial institutions (banks, asset managers,…) its software solutions in wealth management. To date, more than 20 institutions have integrated them.

The Gambit team has a history of expertise in client profiling, portfolio optimization and risk management, and it keeps on growing with the regular arrivals of new talents. They still work in close collaboration with the scientific and academic communities that are at the heart of innovation.

Investment advisory is evolving, and recently it's become clear that consumers wanted something...

More mobile-friendly

Like everything else in ther private life.

More transparent

No one is thrilled with hidden fees or unclear explanations.

Easier to understand

Not everyone is a finance fan, but everyone likes to know how their money is performing.

More accessible

Whether they have a colossal wealth or not, everyone should have the right to access to satisfying alternatives to saving accounts (which don’t create much value anymore nowadays).

So Gambit Financial Institutions created Birdee Institutional.

In order to better address the new needs expressed by the mass-affluent investors and the financial institutions that serve them, Gambit created a new entity: Birdee Institutional. Its purpose is to provide an online and discretionary management solution that will bring innovation to the market.

Through a user-friendly interface, each investors can select one or more portfolios that match their profile. They can also beneficiate from a regular follow-up of the evolution of their investments.

The efficiency of this solution is based on the artificial intelligence of algorithms and on the know-how of specialists that optimize day after day their calibration. To support them, an international strategic committee (composed of recognized experts and scientists in finance and investment) was formed. The main strength of Birdee is thus coming from both the technologic and human know-how, working together.