« Use Birdee to reconnect with your clients. Give them an investment experience they can finally enjoy »

Geoffroy de Schrevel, Birdee Co-Founder and CEO


Determine and analyze quickly each investor’s profile directly online. Understand their motivations, their investment preferences and recommend them the portfolios that fit them best.

Porfolio Selection

Let your clients choose among a large range of optimised portfolios that match their profile and meet their every requirement.

Easy access & monitoring

Give your customers an easy track of their portfolios performance and free access to information 24/7 from any mobile device.

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A unique know-how at the service of financial institutions

Automation Algorithms

Birdee is a digital investment solution that puts innovation at your service. Thanks to our powerful algorithms, Birdee determines your client’s profile, and then optimizes and automatizes their portfolio management.

Tracking Financial Markets

Our solution includes a seismograph that detects the premises of a “financial-quake”, helping you to react proactively and protect your clients’ portfolios against a crisis.

Regulations and conformity

Proposing online investment to your clients requires expertise on many aspects, among which the legal regulations. Birdee takes care of this burden by ensuring the follow-up and the conformity of the solution, according to the legal requirements in effect.

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